2022 International Conference on Social Media & Society (#SMSociety)

The International Conference on Social Media & Society is a gathering of leading social media researchers from around the world.The International Conference on Social Media & Society (#SMsociety) is a gathering of leading social media researchers from around the world. It is the premier venue for sharing and discovering new peer-reviewed interdisciplinary research on how ... Read more

News & Journalism Summer Camp

Midpen Media Center 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA

A hands-on summer camp experience where teens will learn to ask questions and tell stories with the power to change the world.​​“If your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.” -Tom Stoppard, American PlaywrightIn today’s atmosphere of misinformation, “fake news” accusations, and limitless access to worldwide research and communication, ... Read more

The 2022 International Society for Research on Aggression World Meeting

University of Ottawa, Learning Crossroads (CRX) 100 Louis-Pasteur Private, Ottawa, ON

The International Society for Aggression 2022 World Meeting, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Opening ceremony: July 18, 6pm, Conference: July 18-22ISRA is a professional society of scholars and researchers engaged in the scientific study of aggression and violence. The Society is both interdisciplinary and international, with biennial meetings that alternate between North America and Europe and, most ... Read more

Google News Initiative: Digital Verification workshop – Sydney

Dexus Place Level 15,1 Farrer St, Sydney, NSW

Two-hour IN-PERSON workshop for journalists on digital verification and advanced search using Google News Lab - includes working lunchOne of the biggest challenges facing audiences and all news organisations today is distinguishing truth from fabrication. From identifying altered imagery and manipulated video to identifying and stopping the spread of falsehoods, journalists increasingly require digital tools ... Read more

How to be a cartoonist, with the Guardian’s Steve Bell

Learn how to source ideas for cartoons, develop them, and even make money from them, in this inspirational and informative masterclass.The brilliance of a cartoon is that it can capture a complex issue, political argument or historical era in a single frame. Because of this, inspiration can be found virtually anywhere: from watching PMQs and ... Read more

Academy for Alternative Journalism Reunion

Northwestern Medill Campus 303 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1600, Chicago, IL

Association of Alternative News Media Awards and Academy for Alternative Journalism Reunion.Celebrate the winners of the Annual AAN Awards along with AAN Founders and alumni from the Academy for Alternative Journalism.It has been over 12 years since the last AAJ class convened in Medill’s Chicago newsroom for a summer of writing, reporting, and the cementing ... Read more

UJC Summit – Inaugural Social Justice Convention

Center415 415 5th Avenue (Between 37th & 38th Street), New York, NY

A Celebration of Ideas. A Commemoration of History. A Collaboration for Change.The UJC Summit: Inaugural Social Justice Convention will bring together leaders, experts, and advocates who are committed to working together in the spirit of social and racial justice to enact change in the following areas: families impacted by police violence, laws/policies, voter registration, education, ... Read more

谁创造了新闻? 为什么它这么重要? (Who Creates the News? Why is Journalism so Important)

U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou, Guangzhou American Center 43 Hua Jiu Lu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng

美国驻广州总领事馆美国中心将推出五场系列讲座,以帮助新闻专业学生、公民记者、在线内容创作者和社交媒体从业者更加明智地评估和使用信息。该讲座系列将会在 7 月至 11 月的每月的某一个周六在美国驻广州总领事馆美国中心举行。 欢迎大家参加!广州美国中心主办 Guangzhou American Center Presents 媒体素养及其重要性讲座系列之一 Media Literacy and Why It Matters Lecture Series, Session 1 谁创造了新闻? 为什么它这么重要? Who Creates the News? Why Is Journalism Important? 时间/日期:2022 年 7 月23 日,星期六,下午2:00-4:00Time/Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022, 2:00pm-4:00pm 地点:美国驻广州总领事馆美国中心(珠江新城华就路43号公务访客入口)Location: Guangzhou American Center, U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou 媒体塑造了公共话语,还是公众自己为可接受的事情定下了基调? 我们将探讨这个问题,分析这个职业的具体细节、记者在社会和政治中的所扮演的关键角色,以及他们在报道时所面临的种种障碍。 Does media shape public ... Read more

Using Legitimate Sources

Webinar: Using Legitimate Sources with Kristen Fischer, NAIWE’s Journalism ExpertWebinar: Using Legitimate Sources with Kristen Fischer, NAIWE’s Journalism ExpertWe live in the age of “misinformation” so it’s vital for journalists to use reputable sources. How can you sift through the information and research on the internet and find legitimate sources? How can you pinpoint sources ... Read more


人,是媒体报道的核心关注之一 --- 他们的经历、苦难、渴望、成就,等等。这些故事造就着新闻,塑造着社会和潮流。在当今网络时代,媒体人怎么去挖掘和讲述特别的人物故事呢?7月26号晚,欢迎参加我们的媒体网上交流会,听听曾获多个奖项的记者周士为先生分享他调查和报道人物新闻的技巧!活动: 媒体网上交流会:新闻在人 Activity: Online Journalism Seminar: Humanity Makes Stories 时间:7月26日(星期二)晚上19:30 -- 20:30 (北京时间) Schedule: Tuesday, July 26; 19:30 -- 20:30 (Beijing Time) Zoom 会议ID: 161 189 5569 语言:中文 Event Language: Mandarin 人,是媒体报道的核心关注之一 --- 他们的经历、苦难、渴望、成就,等等。这些故事造就着新闻,塑造着社会和潮流。在当今网络时代,媒体人怎么去挖掘和讲述特别的人物故事呢?7月26号晚,欢迎参加我们的媒体网上交流会,听听曾获多个奖项的记者周士为先生分享他调查和报道人物新闻的技巧! One of the core aspects of media stories is people -- their experiences, suffering, longings, achievements and more. These are ... Read more


Drake Unversity, Collier-Scripps Hall 2702 Forest Avenue, Des Moines, IA

“Mapping the Magazine” is for international magazine scholars from many disciplines interested in the current state of magazine research.“Mapping the Magazine” is a series of conferences established by Tim Holmes of the Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC). The conference aims to create an intimate meeting of international magazine scholars from ... Read more